Jul 1, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Travel Blog

If the love of travel epitomizes you, then a travel blog could be that entrepreneurial inspiration you've been seeking for a while.

Here are a few post ideas for your your travel blog.

1. Popular tourist destinations [cover details like How to Reach? What to see? Where to stay? When to visit?]

2. Top 10 Lists [Eg. Top 10 Beaches, Top 10 Hotels etc.]

3. Photo/video guides to tourist locations.

4. Technical guides [this would include for example, visa application process, airport rules, customs formalities etc.]

5. General travel tips.

6. Travel deals.

7. Guides to hotels, clubs, restaurants across all popular tourist destinations.

8. Review top travel apps.

9. Embassy details.

10. Country fact-sheet.

11. Local food guide [including street food]

12. Adventure sports destinations.

13. Eco tourism.

14. Holiday planning tips.

15. Hidden Gems: little known places worth visiting.

16. Unusual hotels.

17. Do's and don'ts while travelling.

18. Haunted destinations.

19. Popular festivals and events across the world.

20. Religious destinations.

21. People and culture.

22. Photography tips.

23. Romantic getaways.

24. Wildlife destinations.

Your travel blog could also feature a forum where fellow wanderers can discuss everything under the sun related to travel.

You can also feature travel articles written by your readers.


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