Aug 31, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Marketing Blog

If you believe you can sell anything, a blog dedicated to marketing could be just the thing you've got to get started.

The WWF "Give a hand to wildlife" campaign.
Here are a few post ideas for your marketing blog.

1. Best advertisement campaigns across different media [print, television, radio and web].

2. Vintage Advertisements

3. Digital marketing advice. [Including social media and email marketing]

4. Search Engine Optimisation tips.

5. Interviews with Ad Gurus.

6. Creative inspirations.

7. Money making through affiliate marketing.

8. Marketing flops and things to avoid.

9. Personal selling and the art of influencing customers.

10. Coverage of marketing events.

11. Best books / websites on marketing.

12. The use of content marketing by businesses.

13. Marketing for e-commerce sites.

14. Ad film making as a career.

15. Hoax advertising (and the resulting publicity). See this as an example.

16. Marketing strategy and general tips.

17. Blogging - A part of the marketing strategy.

18. Articles on PR and reputation management.

19. Insights into consumer psychology.

20. Mobile marketing and its future.

21. Tips on brand marketing.

22. Effective use of word-of-mouth marketing.

Aug 17, 2014

Coke Was Initially Marketed As A Medicinal Drink

Did you know that the coke was initially marketed as a drink with medicinal properties - a sure cure for headache and fatigue and something which could even be administered on babies to give them a head-start in life?
Here are a few vintage coke advertisements that depict coke as a medicinal drink. Note that these ads belong to a time when coke still contained cocaine.

This ad claims that Coke should be administered on babies to give them a better start in life.
This ad portrays Coke as a healthy beverage that relieves fatigue
This ad claims that Coke is even served in leading hospitals
Coke is depicted as the Ideal Brain Tonic - a cure for headache

Jul 22, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Stock Market Blog

If you consider yourself to be an expert stock trader, then you might like to go long a stock market blog.

Here are a few post ideas for your stock market blog:

1. Daily trading tips. [Intraday, short/long term pics].

2. Beginner's guide to stock market investing.

3. Interpretations of stock market terms.

4. Guides to interpreting corporate financial statements.

5. Long term strategies to investing.

6. Extensive coverage of fundamental and technical analysis.

7. "How to" posts [Eg: How to pick up fundamentally strong companies for investing?]

8. Comparison of brokerages.

9. Corporate action announcements.

10. Multibagger ideas.

11. Top performing stocks and/or bottom rankers.

12. Guides to Mutual fund investing (including comparison of various mutual fund products).

13. Coverage of events likely to impact the market.

14. Market movement predictions (long and short term).

15. Portfolio management tips.

16. Derivatives trading.

You could also create video tutorials and posts and announce your own stock market trading classes through your blog. 

Jul 14, 2014

Amul Advertisements With Fifa 2014 World Cup Theme [In Pics]

Germany won the 2014 Fifa World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Argentina. The chief architect of the victory was Mario Goetze who volleyed in the winning goal in the 113th minute. This was Germany's fourth world cup victory, the first as an united nation.

In this post we visit all the 2014 World Cup themed advertisements (all featuring the witty amul girl) released by Amul during the month long extravaganza.

Jul 1, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Travel Blog

If the love of travel epitomizes you, then a travel blog could be that entrepreneurial inspiration you've been seeking for a while.

Here are a few post ideas for your your travel blog.

1. Popular tourist destinations [cover details like How to Reach? What to see? Where to stay? When to visit?]

2. Top 10 Lists [Eg. Top 10 Beaches, Top 10 Hotels etc.]

3. Photo/video guides to tourist locations.

4. Technical guides [this would include for example, visa application process, airport rules, customs formalities etc.]

5. General travel tips.

6. Travel deals.

7. Guides to hotels, clubs, restaurants across all popular tourist destinations.

8. Review top travel apps.

9. Embassy details.

10. Country fact-sheet.

11. Local food guide [including street food]

12. Adventure sports destinations.

13. Eco tourism.

14. Holiday planning tips.

15. Hidden Gems: little known places worth visiting.

16. Unusual hotels.

17. Do's and don'ts while travelling.

18. Haunted destinations.

19. Popular festivals and events across the world.

20. Religious destinations.

21. People and culture.

22. Photography tips.

23. Romantic getaways.

24. Wildlife destinations.

Your travel blog could also feature a forum where fellow wanderers can discuss everything under the sun related to travel.

You can also feature travel articles written by your readers.

Blog Niche Idea: A Photography Blog

Whether you are a professional photographer or pursue photography as a hobby, a photography blog could open up the doors to fame success for you. 

The primary purpose a photography blog would serve is to showcase your work. In fact you could easily turn your blog into a mini e-commerce site where people can buy your photographs. You could even partner with other photographers and put up their work on your blog for sale.

Apart from showcasing your work, you could cover the following areas on your photography blog [post ideas]:
1. Photography tips; segregated into tips for amateurs and professionals.

2. Technical guides.

3. Explanation of terms related to photography.

4. Useful software and apps.

5. Photo guides to tourist destinations.

6. Camera reviews.

7. Lens reviews.

8. Online tools for photographers.

9. Announcement of photography courses and workshops. [You might also announce your own photography workshop]

10. Initiate photography contests.

11. Buying guides. [cameras, lenses, accessories etc]

12. Photo editing.

13. Launch your own eBook on photography.

14. Specific guides on niche photography [Sports, Wildlife, Fashion, Child photography etc].

15. Featuring work of fellow photographers with appropriate credit.

16. Documentary tips and guides. 

17. How to protect one's work against plagiarism. 

18. Vintage cameras. 

19. History of photography. 

20. Profile famous photo-journalists. 

21. Photography as a profession. 

22. Printing and framing guides.

Your blog could also feature a forum where photography enthusiasts can connect with each other.