Sep 9, 2014

Blog Niche Idea - Food Blog

If you are a foodie to the core, a food blog is what should get you started.

Here are a few post ideas for your food blog.

1. Recipes [including video recipes] and dessert ideas.

2. Best food destinations.

3. Restaurant reviews.

4. A street food guide.

5. Articles covering the nutritional benefits of different food stuffs.

6. Chef interviews.

7. Diet plans.

8. Fruits from round the world and why one should eat them.

9. Strange/weird delicacies.

10. Beverage ideas and Mocktail recipes.

11. Articles on culinary herbs and spices.

12. Kitchen and cooling tips 

13. Guide to microwave cooking. 

14. Review food and drinks books. 

15. Coverage of food festivals. 

16. Cooking for the ailing. 

17. Tips for outdoor cooking. 

18. Infographics on cuisines from round the world.

You could create a page for user submitted recipes on your blog and feature a forum for food lovers to interact with each other.

Sep 8, 2014

Tips To Improve Your Adwords CTR

Nothing is worse than running an AdWords campaign, and getting no (or irrelevant) clicks. It wastes time, is a drain on your resources and you end up with a feeling of animosity with the entire cost per click (CPC) system.

But, worry not for in this post we discuss some tips to help improve your Adwords click-through rate (CTR).

Call To Action

If you have come across a good sales copy, you would have noticed it incorporates a "call to action". This could be something as simple as “Buy Now!” or “Try Us Today.”

So why not go the same way and implement a "call to action" to your AdWords campaign as well?

A 'call to action' induces customers to 'do' what you 'want them to do'. Use words such as

- Call

- Buy

- Subscribe

- Donate

All of them encourage users to take action. By simply adding the word 'Now' after these, you induce an immediate response on the part of your customers.

You can also create a sense of urgency by using phrases such as:

- Offer Ends Today

- Only 10 Left

Include Discounts

If you look at some good AdWords ads, you will find that they mention phrases like “sale” or even better “30% off” in their ads. Why? Ever since the bartering system died and capitalism took over, people have liked sales. Why argue with a system that has worked well since long before you were born? Discounts have always been effective in turning simple 'needs' into 'demands' and in inducing people to act.

Bid for Relevant Keywords 

There is a belief with most Adwords users that bidding for more keywords simply translates into more clicks on their ads. This is however not true and in fact, by bidding for irrelevant keywords your Adwords campaign can go awfully wrong.

The right way to proceed is to keep the number of keywords that you bid upon - small but relevant. Take this example:

You wish to sell new white sedans, and place a bid on all three keywords: “new”, “white” and “sedan.” Little B searches for the term 'white' on Google and ends us seeing your ad.

 The important thing here is to understand that if someone searches for 'white', they are most likely not thinking about buying a sedan. Instead, bid on “new sedan”, “white sedan” and “new white sedan.” This will deliver your ad on relevant SERPs, and relevancy always helps CTR.

Use Negative Keywords.

We continue with the previous example. Let’s say you don't want your ad to show up when people are search for “old white sedan” or “used white sedan.” In the keyword box, just add “-used” and “-old.” This means your ad will not show up with these keywords prompts. Thus your ads are shown only to those individuals who are likely to find your services relevant to their needs.

Avoid a Blob of Words

What is easier to read? “” or “”

The second one is obviously better, because you do not need to squint your eyes and wonder where one word stops and the other begins. By just capitalizing a few words, your website URL is much easier to read, and this can positively influence your CTR.

Clear Copy, No Abbreviations

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but unless the abbreviation is common knowledge, like CD or TV, you shouldn’t use one. For example, you sell exchange-trade funds - commonly abbreviated as ETFs in the financial world. Well, there aren’t many other uses of ETF in the financial realm, right? Wrong!

Even in the financial realm, ETF can stand for Electronic Transfer of Funds, Emerging Markets Telecommunications and Early Termination Fee. So, when you see “ETF”, you wonder which ETF does the advertiser mean? Either use context clues, or nix the abbreviation entirely.

I hope with these tips you would be able to extract better Click Through Rates from your Adword ads and thus make your campaign a success.

Aug 31, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Marketing Blog

If you believe you can sell anything, a blog dedicated to marketing could be just the thing you've got to get started.

The WWF "Give a hand to wildlife" campaign.
Here are a few post ideas for your marketing blog.

1. Best advertisement campaigns across different media [print, television, radio and web].

2. Vintage Advertisements

3. Digital marketing advice. [Including social media and email marketing]

4. Search Engine Optimisation tips.

5. Interviews with Ad Gurus.

6. Creative inspirations.

7. Money making through affiliate marketing.

8. Marketing flops and things to avoid.

9. Personal selling and the art of influencing customers.

10. Coverage of marketing events.

11. Best books / websites on marketing.

12. The use of content marketing by businesses.

13. Marketing for e-commerce sites.

14. Ad film making as a career.

15. Hoax advertising (and the resulting publicity). See this as an example.

16. Marketing strategy and general tips.

17. Blogging - A part of the marketing strategy.

18. Articles on PR and reputation management.

19. Insights into consumer psychology.

20. Mobile marketing and its future.

21. Tips on brand marketing.

22. Effective use of word-of-mouth marketing.

Aug 17, 2014

Coke Was Initially Marketed As A Medicinal Drink

Did you know that the coke was initially marketed as a drink with medicinal properties - a sure cure for headache and fatigue and something which could even be administered on babies to give them a head-start in life?
Here are a few vintage coke advertisements that depict coke as a medicinal drink. Note that these ads belong to a time when coke still contained cocaine.

This ad claims that Coke should be administered on babies to give them a better start in life.
This ad portrays Coke as a healthy beverage that relieves fatigue
This ad claims that Coke is even served in leading hospitals
Coke is depicted as the Ideal Brain Tonic - a cure for headache

Jul 22, 2014

Blog Niche Idea: Stock Market Blog

If you consider yourself to be an expert stock trader, then you might like to go long a stock market blog.

Here are a few post ideas for your stock market blog:

1. Daily trading tips. [Intraday, short/long term pics].

2. Beginner's guide to stock market investing.

3. Interpretations of stock market terms.

4. Guides to interpreting corporate financial statements.

5. Long term strategies to investing.

6. Extensive coverage of fundamental and technical analysis.

7. "How to" posts [Eg: How to pick up fundamentally strong companies for investing?]

8. Comparison of brokerages.

9. Corporate action announcements.

10. Multibagger ideas.

11. Top performing stocks and/or bottom rankers.

12. Guides to Mutual fund investing (including comparison of various mutual fund products).

13. Coverage of events likely to impact the market.

14. Market movement predictions (long and short term).

15. Portfolio management tips.

16. Derivatives trading.

You could also create video tutorials and posts and announce your own stock market trading classes through your blog. 

Jul 14, 2014

Amul Advertisements With Fifa 2014 World Cup Theme [In Pics]

Germany won the 2014 Fifa World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Argentina. The chief architect of the victory was Mario Goetze who volleyed in the winning goal in the 113th minute. This was Germany's fourth world cup victory, the first as an united nation.

In this post we visit all the 2014 World Cup themed advertisements (all featuring the witty amul girl) released by Amul during the month long extravaganza.